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Preminger Package
6 Films produced and directed by Otto Preminger, plus a documentary about the prolific independent director. Preminger broke taboos of censorship in his time and left a legacy of freedom of expression for modern filmmakers. Featuring stars like Henry Fonda, Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak, Jean Seberg and Romy Schneider. All 6 films are beautifully restored in HD.

Select Feature Library
42 Classic and contemporary classic "genre" films (1947-1979).
Westerns, Dramas, Comedies, Crime, Cult, SciFi and Horror - by and large our most versatile, unpredictable and quirky collection; certainly worth a look for the production values and notable directors and stars! Something for everyone.

High Definition
A selection of some of our most prominent feature films, transferred to and beautifully restored in High Definition.

Digital Library
90 films from the Public Domain transferred from the best existing film elements available through a digital wetgate process and then painstakingly restored and corrected with the most current technology available.

Restored PD

MAX Collection
13 films produced by the legendary Max J. Rosenberg. Known for his genre films and association with Hammer Films, this selection illustrates some of the many facets of filmmaking he was best known for: the supernatural, fantastical, surreal and absurd!

Enterprise Package
29 Major film productions from actor John Garfield's "Roberts Productions" and The Enterpise Studio."Body and Soul" and "Force of Evil" has Garfield cast in the starring roles. Orson Welles' "MacBeth", Max Ophuls "Caught" and "Letter from an Unknown Woman" are considered required viewing for true cinephiles, and this entire library remains accessible for any audience interested in great classic film.

Nasser Films
5 United Artists releases, from the Nasser brothers, who owned a chain of 300 theaters and a studio. 2 romantic comedies and 3 Film Noirs of note featuring Hollywood stars such as John Payne, David Niven, Shirley Temple, Laraine Day and Franchot Tone.

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