1948 / 90:00 / B/W / Comedy/ Romance
Director: Lloyd Bacon
Starring: Fred MacMurray, Madeleine Carroll, Buddy Rogers
Fred MacMurray is an ad-man, harried and scrambling, trying to land a big contract for his company from his ex-girlfriend. It takes a lot of wining and dining to woo the prospect, a lot of evenings out, and a lot of soul-searching on Fred's part about whether he should tell his wife (Madeleine Carroll). He decides this would be indelicate since there is nothing romantic going on. As you might expect, this creates all sorts of problems and becomes the core of this comedy of misunderstandings. Carroll thinks her husband is having an affair, and instead of confronting this dilemma she decides to fight fire with fire. She hires a gigolo to flirt with her in circumstances where her husband is sure to notice. But misunderstandings multiply to the realm of high comic absurdity, with good old Fred cleverly showing why he became that bright advertising executive.
"'An Innocent Affair' is a pretty giddy business about a couple who choose to misunderstand each other - in a very sophisticated way of course - and come near to terminating their marriage of five years. Ladies, take a lesson from this picture, not to mention a moderate amount of amusement." New York Times Reviews 1948
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