1973 / 78:00 / Color / Horror
Director: Ted Post
Starring: Anjanette Comer, Ruth Roman, Mariana Hill
Formats: Available in High Definition restored version.
Anjie Comer is a social worker who encounters a bizarre case of child abuse in this psychological thriller. Arriving at the house of her new client she finds 'Mama' tending to a full-grown man dressed as a baby, living in a cradle obviously something is a little weird, here. They call him 'Baby'. Mama is one scary parent, all knotted-up in a confused love-hate obsession with Baby that has it's roots in some distant bad experience. Baby's twisted sisters round out this trio of demented day-care ditherers. 'This is no place for Baby', thinks Anjie, and eventually runs away with her man-child to save him. Pursued by the savage trio, Baby and Anjie have a hair-raising run to freedom that ends in a shocking denouement - and reveals the riddle of Baby's destiny.
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