1957 / 102:00 / B/W / Drama/ War
Director: Anthony Mann
Starring: Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray, Robert Keith
Formats: Available in High Definition restored version.
Vic Morrow has a supporting role in this intense war story adapted from Van Van Praag's Novel "Combat." (Morrow later starred in a long-running television series of the same name). It is a good, solid all-male cast with terrific perfomances by Robert Ryan and Aldo Ray in the two leading roles (Lieutenant Benson and Sargeant Montana). They have their own personal war going on, which adds another layer to the conflict, as they try to cope with the horror and devastation of the Korean War exploding around them. Ryan is attempting to get the remnants of his battered platoon back to battalion headquarters when he encounters Ray, who's sole concern is getting his shell-shocked colonel back to safety. Robert Keith is the colonel, with but one word of dialog, who convincingly portrays in mute projection a man shocked into disturbing dumbness. Ryan and Ray join forces, reluctantly, to fight their way back to headquarters only to find the battalion has been wiped out. The 'hill' has been taken by the Red Koreans. Re-taking that hill is a bloody, savage ordeal that leaves only Ryan, Ray and one other comrade still alive. They stand and honor their dead, amidst the carnage, in a touching fade-out.
"It appears that the underlying purpose of Sidney Harmon's new film, "Men In War" is to show that the famous observation of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman was justified. War is brutal and agonizing. It is unequivocal hell." 20 March 1957 New York Times Reviews
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