1971 / 95:00 / Color / Action/ Drama/ Western
Director: Robert Parrish
Starring: Telly Savalas, Robert Shaw, Stella Stevens, Fernando Rey
Formats: Available in High Definition restored version.
Greed and violence explode as a dual manhunt reaches its terrorizing climax, and the "Town" of this title indeed becomes like a fiery hell as it is held hostage. Immediately following the Mexican rebellion, Profirio Diaz sends soldiers and spies to find the legendary revolutionary leader "Aguila". But Aguila is now a brooding priest of questionable morals and loyalty (Robert Shaw), who shares the hellish town with Telly Savalas, a brutal bandit with a blood-thirsty gang. Savalas brutalizes and Shaw broods then Stella shows up hauntingly dressed in black, riding in a hearse she plans to fill with the body of her husband's murderer. So everybody's brooding. Except Martin Landau, he's sneering and his eyes are glaring, and you know there's violence to come.
"Robert Shaw plays the priest as if he was Thomas Becket or a Shakespearean hero." 16 October 1971 Variety
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